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Year 2013 Presentation to..

Golden Kuker Networking | Free entry
08 May, WED, 19:00, Union of architects in Bulgaria, hall 1, 1st fl.

Let’s meet up!
Networking, building new contacts, and meeting people is always fun. Come and get to meet new colleagues; share what you do and expand your circle of acquaintances. All you have to do is to pop up and entertain. We will look forward meeting you in person. International guests are expected.

‘US Cartoon Evening’ Guest lecturers: Eliza Ivanova, Anthony Christov and Rumen Petkov
09 May THU, 19:00 Betahaus

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As in a movie compiled of different plots in which the lives of the characters interweave at a certain point in time, here the fates of three Bulgarians mingle by some sort of a weird coincidence, a mere chance, and they meet, yet not in Bulgaria but in the US. Exactly like in the movie, three Bulgarians met unexpectedly in the USA. Rumen left Bulgaria in the 90s of the last century and pursued a successful career as animator. He was a director of a numerous episodes of TV series, such as "Tom and Jerry," "Johnny Bravo", "Dexter's Laboratory," "Cow and Chicken" and others. Since 1998, alongside his work on animation projects, he teaches Direction in animation at the CalArts Institute in California where he met his student Eliza. She moved to the US in 2006 to follow her education and career in animation in Los Angeles, California. Eliza is now animator at Pixar Animation Studios, San Francisco. So far she has worked on three feature films at Pixar - Cars 2, Brave, and Monsters University, which premiers will be in the summer of 2013. Anthony Christov is a colleague of Eliza at Pixar. He left Bulgaria in the 80s of the last century and found a job at the top animation studios in the world - Walt Disney and Warner Bros. From 2000 until present he works for Pixar as Art Director of Finding Nemo and Wall –E. He is also a product designer of number of project, and a lecturer at Art Academy, San Francisco, USA. Join us and personally meet Eliza, Rumen and Anthony where they will share more about their career paths and future plans.

Finding Anthony and Brave Eliza
10 May, FRI, 15:00, Union of Architects in Bulgaria, hall 2, 2nd fl.

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You missed to meet Anthony and Eliza in person at Betahaus? Nothing to worry about. We give you a second chance to meet them on Friday for a professional discussion.

Sofia Children’s Day | Free entry for kids
11 May, SAT, 10:00, Union of architects in Bulgaria

We shall celebrate children festival in Sofia through fun & games, creative work and various movies.

Year 2012 Presentation to..


12 June, Tue, at 2 pm at Hungarian Cultural Institute

WWF wants to stop environmental degradation of the planet, so that in the future people can live in harmony with nature. This can be achieved by:

* Conservation of biodiversity
* Sustainable use of renewable natural resources
* Reducing pollution and indiscriminate use

Climate change - what can each one of us do about it
"Adoption" of rare species - how we can help Bulgarian Wildlife

Konstantin Ivanov, communications coordinator, WWF - Bulgaria
Georgi Stefanov, climate change expert, WWF - Bulgaria

Presentation: Vera Neubauer (UK) 12 and 13 June, at 4 pm at NATFA

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Vera Neubauer’s films part of the special programme:
12.06. 2012 NATFA 16.00 h
13.06. 2012 НNATFA 16.00 h

Presentation: studio Se-Ma-For (Poland) 13 June, Wed, at 8:30 pm at Polish Institute – Sofia

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13.06. 2012 Polish Institute 20.30 h
Tomas Novak will present the latest films produced by Se-Ma-For Studio and puppets used in some of them. After the presentation you will be able to watch a special selection, including the Oscar-winning film “Peter and the Wolf” by Susie Templeton.

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